This is my last week at Johnson State College, where I have met so many amazing people and have been inspired by all of my wonderful professors. I have decided to return to my hometown to take CCV classes for a semester and work and be with my family. Then hopefully next year I will go to Castleton, MCLA, or Russell-Sage. We’ll see what the future holds 🙂 Thanks for the experiences Johnson State!



Macy’s Day Parade

It has become a family tradition to go to New York City every couple years to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We travel down the day before and explore the city, then go to bed early because we usually wake up at 5 AM just to go sit on the street until the start of the parade at 8 or 9 AM. It is not always pleasant to sit on the streets in the cold, but once the thousands of people crowd around you and the parade starts, you forget about the cold. New York City has always been one of my favorite places, and I can’t wait to go back!

Foreign Exchange Students

Following my trip to Europe, I started a French Club at my high school. Through this club we were able to host some French foreign exchange students for a week. Chloe and Donya were the two that I was able to host and my family helped me to show them American culture and the beauty of Vermont. I still keep in touch with them and hope to visit them in France soon!


Trip to Europe


My sophomore year of high school I had the amazing opportunity to travel to France and England! My bestfriends accompanied me and we experienced great views, a different culture, and lots of historic places. It was an amazing experience, especially since I have taken years of French and my mom is a French teacher. I will definitely go back someday, but until then, here are my favorite photos that I took during my trip.

Spontaneous Adventure to Boston


I wanted to write some posts about adventures I have taken with my best friends so I decided to start with this picture. My best friend Meaghan and I were awoken one morning at 8 am by our friends Casey and Jordan and we were told to get up and get in the car, that we were going for a road trip. We were told that we were going to pick up our friend Hailey, but that was the most information we received. It was a gorgeous summer day, and we stopped to take this picture at an overlook. Before we knew it, we were in Boston…at a skateboard festival. Now, we did pick Hailey up from the festival, but I certainly hadn’t been expecting to travel all the way to Boston to do so. Nonetheless, the festival was really cool! There were hundreds of people riding around on skateboards, being timed skating down a long and winding hill, and it was a really fun experience. I always like to think that the best adventures are the spontaneous ones!


Maybe this time it’ll be different

maybe this time things will change

or maybe you’re still you

and things will be exactly the same.

I know I’ll never be first

because I can’t change your brain

or slow your heart or get you high

or even help your pain.

I can’t clean you up

and I can’t make you change

but maybe if things were different

you would let me stay.


I’m definitely not a professional poet by any means and I have never shared any of the poetry that I have written, but I wrote this poem the day before New Year’s Eve last year.

Last New Year’s Eve

We didn’t realize the time,

Too consumed in our alcohol and laughter

You put your arm around me and promised,

“There’s always next year”

But this year your lips will be on hers,

And mine will be on a bottle.

Maybe the alcohol was a metaphor,

For a relationship that was never good,

A relationship full of fake feelings and bubbly happiness,

And maybe that’s why I’m still drinking.